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Slats soils



slats soils

If you prefer no box springs, or you want to maintain your current bed with us always go for a new slatted base. We can supply slatted bases in all possible sizes, adapted to your personal weight and sleeping comfort. 

Moreover, you always have the choice between a fixed or an adjustable slat soil, and if you choose an adjustable mattress you can also choose between manual or electrically adjustable. 

The difference between a manually adjustable and electric adjustable soil is different in use. At a manual soil, you can determine the position manually, this does mean that you can not adjust while you are lying in bed. 

If you want once your sleeping position cannot adapt, but you want this then do not change regularly is a manually adjustable soil. 

However, if you regularly want to be able to adjust your position to read a book or watch TV in bed, you should choose an electric adjustable soil. An electrically adjustable slatted base offers all the adjustment with a simple push of a button.

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