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A wide choice of mattresses

Your bedding is largely determined by the mattress you sleep. A good mattress provides the necessary support, but also allows your muscles to rest and recover. A quality mattress provides therefore a good night's rest and also your back gets all the necessary comforts.Furthermore, the lifetime is important and of course the breathability due moisture absorption. The inside covers of our mattresses are anti-allergic and washable, which ofcoysre is an added plus.



The Pocket Spring Mattress

This mattress is made up of small barrel-shaped springs. Each individually wrapped in a cotton or non-woven bag. The springs are not interconnected, making the mattresses extremely flexible. They fit perfectly on the body and are very well ventilated and it is a fantastic development of the mattress. For the guarantee of a good and healthy sleep.



The Bonellverenmatras

Besides the pocket springs is the bonnellspring or innerspring mattress the other variant. The springs are interconnected. The operation of a bonnell is simple, the more load on the spring, the more resistance it offers. The steel springs generally have 5 turns. The bonnellspring mattress is characterized by its great flexibility and durability.

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